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New Species, Art Improvement group?

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 13, 2013, 6:55 PM
So I've got this new species that I'm kindof excited about. (: I think they'll give me a chance to do some really obnoxiously bright and crazy designs -which I am suddenly very interested in doing these days. xP

here: Base Test: Drippies, Choose your Pallete -1 LEFT! by CrypticInk

I'll be making an official batch tomorrow in between my 'commission working' hours that I set for myself (to stay on track! haha), so this first one is a base test to stir a little bit of interest. What I think is cool is that there will be these gigantic "behemoth" forms of infected drippies experiencing an allergic reactions and just ffffff I have this secret love for massive ass-kicking monsters and I honestly just do not express it enough with my posted artwork these days so they'll be fun to flesh out design-wise. As will the water, avian, and condemned drippies as well! Ahh I'm excited I think you guys might like them. ^o^

Also, you might have noticed (okay, maybe not) how I've been mentioning dalloo in my original species adopts. Basically Dalloo is a place where I can dump all the creatures and peoples I make into this...collective world and story so to speak. It used to be a super crazy, super ambitious comic idea, but it was too special too me and I did not want to fux it up with crappy comic making skills. So I dunno. xD So yeah, lol, if I mention dalloo in my deviations, that's what that is. The magical place in my headandjesuschrist that made me sound crazy. o////o

Art Improvement Group"

So I was thinking about turning :iconzombiestudio: into an art improvement group, with the specific goal of pushing and encouraging individual personal projects like webcomics, stories, personal flash games, etc. as a collective peoples with like-minded goals and ambition to improve artistically. My idea is to have this small community of artists with personal projects that they would like to make for themselves - and to push each other with Character Question memes, classes and tutorials, etc.

I for one would be very interested and willing to do either scheduled google hangout sessions or screen-sharing streams where I (and others!?) basically offer live redlines, insight, and pretty much just bounce ideas and tips off of each other with each session. Some great things to discuss would be character design, story development, silluetting...really anything that has to do with your individual project I think we should discuss and help each other with because honestly....I know how amazing it is to have a community of artists around you who are very focused on getting what they want to get done done, and sometimes that is hard to do if you're always doing it alone.

And the group wouldn't necessarily be all about contests and promotion, althought they may be done on the side, but I really want to emphasise focused self-teaching with the added influence of artists who are actively doing the same thing and sharing the information they gather in meaningful discussion. So, in effect, if I did make this group it would definitely only be for people who are serious about their projects and who truly want to learn and meet likeminded artists.

I've always wanted to do this, so if anyone is interested in becoming part of the admin board or joining please send me a messege and we can discuss some details.

That's it for updates! Goodnight everyone! ^_^


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Nomakai Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i love the new species.
and the group sounds interesting, I would definitely want to join!
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